We recently had the honor of being featured on one of my favorite websites: io9, a very popular site for all things fantasy and sci-fi!

Black Rose on io9

Lauren Davis’ article is very insightful and a great read. One of my favorite parts: “Black Rose takes a thoughtful, grounded approach to its blend of military steampunk and fantasy. The small details of military life and plot devices taken straight from history lend the comic’s world a rich and intelligently realized feel.”

And on Arion and Aliyana: “Their relationship is neither lovey-dovey, nor a constant barrage of bickering, but an affection forged between two people through a difficult history who know each other’s warts well. Arion’s love for Aliyana may very well be the best thing about him, and he knows it, and it’s his drive to see her survive that makes Black Rose a compelling read.”

Read the whole thing here! Many thanks to Lauren for the excellent writeup. Don’t be surprised when an excerpt shows up on our next book cover!