Issue 1

Arion Nelkan is serving out his final days as a soldier in the Athelican military, which is on a campaign of conquest against the handwaver nation of Ishtakar. Let’s just say that things don’t go exactly as planned…


Issue 2

Upon reaching the ancient fortress city of Adrost, Arion receives his long-awaited walking papers. But with them comes a peculiar invitation to a banquet from the even more peculiar Baron Lord Ardam – and there are one or two surprise guests in attendance as well.

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Issue 3

Arion and Aliyana return to the Athelican capital, where their differences quickly set the siblings at odds. Meanwhile, their father (and Athelican Prime Minister) Kadin Nelkan meets with a mysterious handwaver woman, who has her own treacherous plans for the Nelkan family.

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Issue 4

The epic showdown between a brother, a sister, and a handwaver hit squad – plus an unexpected revelation or two.

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Issue 5

As Athelica erupts into civil unrest, our heroes are forced to flee the capital. Their only hope is to find a ship that can take them to the Coldlands – and to Arion’s old comrade, Bjorn. But they may not be free of pursuit just yet…

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Issue 6

Left with no other choice, Arion and Aliyana take ship with renegade handwavers: Trellis, Chimoku, and their pirate crew. The siblings are nearing exhaustion… and treachery awaits on the high seas. The action-packed conclusion to the first story arc of Black Rose.

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Issue 7

Aliyana, now a captive, gets some questions answered about Ishtakaran society and her handwaver abilities. Trellis and Chimoku contemplate their next move.

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Issue 8

Trellis, Chimoku, and Aliyana make landfall at a rural Elementian town, gathering supplies for their inland trek. But Arion has survived, and will stop at nothing to rescue his sister!

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Issue 9

Arion rides to Adrost, seeking Lord Ardam’s help to cross into Ishtakar – but Ardam has other ideas. Across the sea, Aliyana continues a string of escape attempts, while Trellis and Chimoku scheme for a bigger reward.

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Issue 10

Pressed into the defense of Adrost, Arion must negotiate truce terms against his old commander and comrade, Centor Aurelius. Meanwhile, Aliyana and her captors reach the city of Sind, where Aliyana will be turned over to Ishtakaran authorities for imprisonment – or death.

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