We just got back from Indiana Comic Con a couple weeks ago. It was our first time there, but the second year for the show overall, and from all accounts a huge improvement and expansion from the first year. It was a record-breaking show for us personally, and we’ll definitely be back next year. Plus I got a photo with a professional Spock cosplayer who made me do a double-take when I first saw him across the floor.


When I’m out working a show, that means my wife is watching our two kids all weekend — so I try to pick up something for her as a thank-you. This time I got an incredible watercolor commission from the talented Angel Onofre. I was thrilled when he brought the finished piece over, and my wife loved it too. Angel, thanks again! It was great to meet you.


(That’s the 10th Doctor and companion Donna Noble, if you’re not a Doctor Who fan!)

In other recent news, Black Rose was awarded the 2014 SPACE Prize for Best Webcomic! SPACE is one of the best shows on our lineup — super focused on comic creators with a very invested community of attendees. Winning the award is an especially big honor since they’re voted on by other comic creators. Validation from one’s peers is most rewarding indeed. Sadly we’re going to miss this year’s show due to our other con commitments, but I hope we can return in 2016 to thank Bob Corby and gang in person.

Our next shows are going to be gangbusters too — Appleseed in May and then back to Indy for Gen Con in July. Lots to do between now and then! Hope to see you on the floor.