Aaron and I spent this past weekend at the Appleseed Comic Con. Personally, it’s my very favorite show of the year. Maybe because it’s our hometown show. Maybe because we know more of the people here (both behind and in front of the tables) than other shows we travel to. But ask anybody who’s exhibited here a few years and they’ll tell you the same thing. There’s just a great vibe here, man.

My two boys dropped by on Saturday and were excited to meet “Deetoo” and “Darf Vader.”


Aaron knocked out a few commissions this weekend too. Here’s a quick one of Chimoku:


And a bigger piece of the Sorrow from the Metal Gear franchise:


Aaron also got in on a jam piece several of the artists did for Zack Kruse, the con’s organizer and an excellent human being.


Bravo and thanks for another great year, Zack!